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Music and Motion, Creative Dance and Dance Expressions!

Today at Forevermore, many young children between the ages of 2 and 5 took their first dance class with Ms. Candace and scholarship teaching assistants Ashley and Delilah.  We took the children on a Choo-Choo ride to dance class!  For many students we celebrated their first time in class with new and old friends!  Our friends in class were  smiling, dancing, and singing.

There is a magical moment in class with Map Time.  We question what is music?  Who makes the music?  During Map Time we are learning the geography of the world and the birth places of the classical composers such as Mozart, Chopin, and Beethoven.  How do they make the music?  We hear the sounds of different instruments and we tap a steady rhythm on the hula hoop with our fingers sitting criss cross apple sauce in a big circle.  We celebrate the music–made of notes,notes, notes!

The lesson today was round, straight and curvy. You can remind your children about their experience dancing different shapes by asking questions.  Your child may recall the shapes we danced in class today.

During class we learn about patience and how to take turns with friends.  Next, the Teaching Assistants learned to control the flow of locomotor work such as walking, marching, leaping, and Great Big Bear Walks with Roar on Mr. Mat. During a  touching moment a student who was visiting class participated when we starting dancing like a bear!  This is exciting and I was so proud of the team for creating a warm and comfortable environment.

Next week we will continue painting pictures with the shapes: round, straight and curvy and learn to somersault on Mr. Mat! What shape is a somersault?  Just a friendly reminder that Friendship Week is the last week of September and l look forward to sharing dance class with you and your friends.


About Forevermore Dance and Theatre Arts

I am an artist who believes in grass roots community based arts education programs.


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