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Miss Dixie Williams, age 10, has been chosen as Petite Queen of Northern Illinois for the Miss Heart of the USA Pageant which was held on November 18-20that the beautiful Palms Resort in Orlando Florida.

The Miss Heart of the USA Pageants is first and foremost food drives.  The Illinois Miss Heart of the USA Pageants benefits the Northern Illinois Food Bank.

“As a Miss Heart of the USA County, City, and State queen you have the opportunity to help feed hungry children and families across the state.  You have the opportunity to set an example and be a positive leader in your state.  These girls are looking up to you and will be lead by your example.  We are developing tomorrow’s leaders!” (Miss Heart of the USA)

Miss Heart of the USA Queens involve themselves in their communities through food drives as well as promoting organizations such as the American Cancer society, March of Dimes, Local churches, and by becoming mentors.

Miss Dixie Williams’s activities include Acting, Ballet, Tap, Jazz Hip Hop and Bowling.  She also enjoys being an assistant teacher for dance classes with children as young as 2 ½. 

“As a mentor and student teacher Dixie Williams is consistently showing a natural instinct toward leadership.   While participating in group activities Dixie Williams shines with talent, provides support to her team of actors and dancers, and works very closely with her mentors and directors.”  (Candace Cavallaro, Associate Director of Forevermore)

Her sponsors are Forevermore Dance &Theatre Arts, Cumberland Funeral Home, Norridge Ace Hardware, Characa American Family Insurance and family and friends.



About Forevermore Dance and Theatre Arts

I am an artist who believes in grass roots community based arts education programs.


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