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Forevermore’s Performance Company with Chicago Metro Chorus

One dancer in the wings and one dancing on stage

The Forevermore Performance Company joined the Chicago Metro Chorus at Guerin Prep High School for a Holiday Performance.  Watching the young dancers prepare for performance brings back many memories for Ms. Kerrie, and the excitement of performance day is felt in the studio as dancers warm up, rehearse, and prepare to travel to the theatre.  The day creates laughter and smiles as the dancers prepare for the evening’s performance.

There were opportunities to dance in the hallways, tell funny stories, and laugh.  We did lots of laughing and lots of dancing.  A Holiday Performance gives you the opportunity to be thankful for the gifts and goodness that surround you, and the wonderful friends that you spend time with.  Older dancers teach younger dancers about applying makeup, perfecting their hair, and warming up.  The younger dancers teach us to keep every performance fresh and new as they perform holiday pieces for the first time.

Overall, touring with the company is a very special experience.  You share the excitement, happiness, and anticipation with fellow dancers and others groups that you are performing with.  Every performance opportunity is a moment to grow, expand your knowledge and share your love of dance with people who are special to you.  Being in a company of fellow dancers is a time to celebrate!  It is a time that you will always remember.


About Forevermore Dance and Theatre Arts

I am an artist who believes in grass roots community based arts education programs.


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