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Costume Week at Forevermore

Your costumes have arrived and we thought we would give you a sneak peek! The Forevermore Staff unpacked, organized and prepared your costumes this weekend. I hope that you are looking forward to an exciting week at Forevermore!

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Forevermore’s Theatre Bugs perform at Dunning Library!

The theatre children of Forevermore entertained an audience of fifty plus family members and members of the community on December 10th at the Dunning Library.  Full of holiday spirit they presented two works, The Little Engine That Could and The Wicked Wazoo.


Benjamin Millepied’s

Check out this link to see what the choreographer from Black Swan is doing! http://www.pointemagazine.com/blogs/benjamin-millepied/millepieds-new-company


Miss Dixie Williams, age 10, has been chosen as Petite Queen of Northern Illinois for the Miss Heart of the USA Pageant which was held on November 18-20that the beautiful Palms Resort in Orlando Florida.

The Miss Heart of the USA Pageants is first and foremost food drives.  The Illinois Miss Heart of the USA Pageants benefits the Northern Illinois Food Bank.

“As a Miss Heart of the USA County, City, and State queen you have the opportunity to help feed hungry children and families across the state.  You have the opportunity to set an example and be a positive leader in your state.  These girls are looking up to you and will be lead by your example.  We are developing tomorrow’s leaders!” (Miss Heart of the USA)

Miss Heart of the USA Queens involve themselves in their communities through food drives as well as promoting organizations such as the American Cancer society, March of Dimes, Local churches, and by becoming mentors.

Miss Dixie Williams’s activities include Acting, Ballet, Tap, Jazz Hip Hop and Bowling.  She also enjoys being an assistant teacher for dance classes with children as young as 2 ½. 

“As a mentor and student teacher Dixie Williams is consistently showing a natural instinct toward leadership.   While participating in group activities Dixie Williams shines with talent, provides support to her team of actors and dancers, and works very closely with her mentors and directors.”  (Candace Cavallaro, Associate Director of Forevermore)

Her sponsors are Forevermore Dance &Theatre Arts, Cumberland Funeral Home, Norridge Ace Hardware, Characa American Family Insurance and family and friends.


Creating Memories

Creating Memories

To everyone that participated in The Spooky Ball, thank you for joining the fun and excitement at Forevermore!
The event was a huge success with new and old friends sharing yummy treats, dancing at the disco dance party, playing games, face painting, and being “spooked”in the Haunted Yard!
The student and parent volunteers did a wonderful job of keeping the day organized, safe and entertaining. The Forevermore Performance Company entertained an audience of 270 plus children and adults. As the student performance company continues to perform outreach programs in the Chicagoland area, we continue to watch them grow, discover and share their love of dance with the community. As ambassadors for movement they find joy in their accomplishments and achievements. As parents and teachers we watch as they mature as individuals, a team, and community leaders.
We are looking forward to seeing you at our next event!

*FAMILY VALUE: Buy 3 Tickets get 1 FREE*

It’s almost here! We hope you’ll join us for our Spooky Ball!

Open to the Public!
Sign up at Forevermore if you’d like to Volunteer
or Bake a Tricky Treat!

Infants 1 yr. and under are FREE


1:00-6:00 Refreshments
1:00-6:00 Haunted House in the yard

1:30-2:00 Tattoos in the Lobby
1:30-2:00 Games in Studio A
2:00-2:30 Dance Performance in Studio B
2:30-3:00 Costume Parade and Contest
3:00-3:30 Dance Party in Studio B

3:00-4:00 Face Painting
3:30-4:00 Games in Studio A
4:00-4:30 Dance Performance in Studio B
4:30-5:00 Costume Parade and Contest
5:00-5:30 Dance Party in Studio B


Mr. David & Ms. Kerrie
Forevermore Dance & Theatre Arts, Inc.
Buy 3 Tickets get 1 FREE

*offer available during advance sale only

7466 W. Belmont Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60634

Remembering Friendship Week at Forevermore

Hello Friends,

Friendship week as a success as we shared our school with many new friends and some returning friends.  It was amazing to see our classrooms filled to the brim and families reuniting with old friends.  At Forevermore we hope to bring the arts into the lives of families so that we can share our joy and love for dance, theatre and music!

Please share your experiences and use the comment section of this blog to tell everyone what was special to you about Friendship Week!

Happy Dancing!

Dear Students,

When I was a little girl I loved my Pointe Shoes so much I would sleep in them, my bedroom walls were decorated with worn out pointe shoes and posters of ballerinas- live, sleep, eat , breathe, dance!  (I certainly did)  Pointe shoes are like a right of passage for a young ballet dancer.  They are a reward for your dedication to studying technique and also the beginning of a new responsibility as a dancer…dedication, devotion, and passion to a truly beautiful art form.

On Thursday night there was a new and somewhat magical energy in Studio A, a room full of aspiring dancers stepped into “new” shoes for the first time.  We sat together and learned how to lace the satin ribbons just right- tying and untying learning a special new skill that has been passed on from mentor to student through the years.

I feel so proud to share the wonderful information I’ve gathered throughout my career and still gather as I continue to learn more about how the body moves and expresses itself through dance.

Congratulations to all of my Pointe students- I am proud of you!

Passing on the wisdom to her students.
Passing on the wisdom to her students.
Ms. Kerrie teaches the proper care techniques for pointe shoes after class.

Momix illuminates Ravinia

Internationally acclaimed Momix presented Botanica for their debut performance at Ravinia Festival.  Moses Pendleton understands the description and beauty of the natural world.  The choreography shows a willingness to listen to that world, and the strength to share a message of its conservation.   Botanica is an experience of the natural and supernatural elements of creation, earth, air, water and matter.  The highly proficient ensemble with support of an inventive technical team presented an evening of lights, illusion, puppetry, and sheer physical beauty to the Chicago community.

Moses Pendleton, the artistic director of Momix, was one of the original four founders of Pilobolus.   In 1981 Moses created Momix and to this day he grows as an artist, photographer, gardener, and teacher providing an organic style of movement for professional dancers that live to perform.  The organics of the movement is the strength of this work.  The connection between the props and or fabrics and the movement quality and intention of the dancers.  They are not dancing as flowers, they are the flowers folding and unfolding to the touch of the sun and the wind.  Moses is still committed to his “type” of female dancer.  She is 5’2″-5’4″, 90-110 pounds, long lines, beautiful feet and an ability to manage props, garments and fellow dancers under the most distressing of elements such as costuming, darkness, shadows, fabrics and puppetry.  The dancers are strong, have pure technique, dedication to gravity, an understanding of weight transferring, and the ideal timing of release.

The ensemble presents the height of their bodies as they stand on a partners shoulders, hands, thighs, and another dancers shoulders.  The  choreography lived with the beauty of nature pouring from the shoulders and the back.  Three strong images and movement phrases come to mind.  The appearance of flower petals draped over one’s back and flowing in various directions as if by the wind, dancers standing on their shoulders during assisted lifts and propelling their feet forward and down towards the earth, only to return standing on their shoulders again 5 feet off the ground, and the folding of the body in a backward arch to the floor in repetition and cannon.

The strength of Moses’s vision is his return to the procreation and creation of life, the sensuality of beings and the connection to each other. Moses explains the work in his own words, “Our work consists of a series of evocative images that extend the body in another dimension.” This communion is between evolution and the physical performance of the dancers in combination with the technical aspects of the show.   The performance did leave you with a feeling of another dimension, not always harmonious, not also safe, but full with variety and beauty.

Music and Motion, Creative Dance and Dance Expressions!

Today at Forevermore, many young children between the ages of 2 and 5 took their first dance class with Ms. Candace and scholarship teaching assistants Ashley and Delilah.  We took the children on a Choo-Choo ride to dance class!  For many students we celebrated their first time in class with new and old friends!  Our friends in class were  smiling, dancing, and singing.

There is a magical moment in class with Map Time.  We question what is music?  Who makes the music?  During Map Time we are learning the geography of the world and the birth places of the classical composers such as Mozart, Chopin, and Beethoven.  How do they make the music?  We hear the sounds of different instruments and we tap a steady rhythm on the hula hoop with our fingers sitting criss cross apple sauce in a big circle.  We celebrate the music–made of notes,notes, notes!

The lesson today was round, straight and curvy. You can remind your children about their experience dancing different shapes by asking questions.  Your child may recall the shapes we danced in class today.

During class we learn about patience and how to take turns with friends.  Next, the Teaching Assistants learned to control the flow of locomotor work such as walking, marching, leaping, and Great Big Bear Walks with Roar on Mr. Mat. During a  touching moment a student who was visiting class participated when we starting dancing like a bear!  This is exciting and I was so proud of the team for creating a warm and comfortable environment.

Next week we will continue painting pictures with the shapes: round, straight and curvy and learn to somersault on Mr. Mat! What shape is a somersault?  Just a friendly reminder that Friendship Week is the last week of September and l look forward to sharing dance class with you and your friends.

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